The One Reason

The One Reason

We get asked a lot, ‘how do you do what you do’?! How do you compete with the Big Boys?!

For small, independently owned, local businesses, there’s always one or more large competitor. You know the scenario, for every great little coffee shop, there’s Starbucks, just as for every special, family-owned restaurant, there’s McDonald’s.

It’s exactly the same in the fitness industry. For every CrossFit Hutt Valley, there’s the big chain gym with enormous budgets and huge membership bases, but with a business model designed to disadvantage the majority of members.

So, how do we compete?

Much like your favourite local cafe or restaurant, we focus on what we’re good at.


Expertise + Experience = Coaching

We don’t blind you with long term contracts, cheap deals or a lack of accessible equipment.

We don’t sell open gym, access without guidance or allow external programming.

We could, hypothetically, sell 30 open gym memberships at $100 a month and make an extra $3000 a month for doing nothing but providing open gym access. Conventional fitness industry thinking would say this is a win.

Our belief system says otherwise.


We Don’t Sell Access

We provide coaching and our Infinite Game belief system towards fitness and nutrition. We provide a complete experience.

We see it all too often, a new member starts getting a little better at CrossFit. 1-2 years in, they start hitting their straps and thinking turns to, what’s Rich/Ben or Matt doing?.

They see online programs like comp training and assume that if they train like the Games athletes, they will become better. This approach may work for 1% of athletes but….

You can see where this is heading!

If you can’t move well, if you don’t have a base of strength, stability, flexibility and mobility, no program can save you.

We focus on the basics until it makes sense to add volume. We see far too many athletes and Coaches believing in high volume training as the Holy Grail, when for the vast majority, a structured, well planned, long term focus is what’s required.

The saying goes “More is not better, better is better!”


It Kills Culture From Within

The underlying effect of open access/no guidance gym and letting athletes do whatever they want is a killer of culture.

It creates entitlement, cliques, and has members within silos thinking they need the special sauce.

We don’t make concessions for the 1%. We focus on the overall wellbeing and needs of the 99%.

We don’t allow others to do their own programming. We take pride in being experts and we provide such expertise through our programming, coaching, community and culture all in one package that our members love.

We treat our culture with respect and protect it accordingly.

As one of our personal training clients, Rose, so accurately put it, “I’m here for the care and the coaching”!

Coach Paul, Owner and Head Coach @ The Friendly Gym – CrossFit Hutt Valley.

How To Be An Awesome Wingman

How To Be An Awesome Wingman

Nearly all success is based on having a great wingman. Maverick had Goose, Richie had the ref, and Sherlock had Watson.

Having a good wingman is crucial, and their job is to help give you confidence, energy and draw the absolute best out of you.

Part of our culture is the supportive nature of the community, personified by the end of workout high five or the post-workout cheer for the person grinding it out at the end. Our culture thrives on this in two parts, through our gym community, and on the personal level through your lifting buddy aka wingman.

Imagine the scenario:

You’re working hard with your lifting buddy; the weight on the barbell slowly creeps up to close to your best number. It feels good, you’re moving well. Hell, today may be the day you chalk up on the PB board! You load a little bit more on the bar and boom, PB! You look around at your lifting buddy and they give you a tip of the chin, and begin chalking their hands for their return to the bar.

Now imagine this scenario:

You’re working hard with your lifting buddy; the weight on the barbell slowly creeps up to close to your best number. It feels good, you’re moving well. Hell, today maybe the day you ring that PB bell! You load a little bit more on the bar and boom, PB! You look around at your lifting buddy and they are lit up like a Christmas tree, cocked and locked to jump over for a massive high five, then insist you immediately hit the PB board and let everyone know of your awesomeness.

That second scenario is the one I’d pick every day of the week.

Here are our top tips to being an awesome wingman:

Check in with your buddies.

Talk about lifts, talk about life, talk about rubbish….but talk. As a good wingman, you should know the movements they struggle with and the movements they rock. This way, you know exactly when to warm up the highest of fives.

Respect their bubble.

This applies to all aspects of the class. You’ll have plenty of time to shoot the breeze, but when the coach is briefing the class, giving your wingman a few coaching cues, or when your buddy goes into “The Zone”. Stop talking to them – they have an invisible bubble around them that nothing can penetrate. Don’t burst the bubble, as they want to hear the briefing, coaching tips, or that moment of exquisite calm just before they hit the bar.

Make a big deal out of things they do well.

When you get to know your buddies, you’ll start to see the progress around the room. Instead of seeing someone not squatting to depth, you’ll see how far they’ve come, working hard on their squat to get that low. See someone using the rings instead of pull-ups? Know your buddies well enough, and you would see that they have bought into to building their upper body strength before hitting the rig, as they know this is the path to success…

This is your chance to be an awesome wingman.

Getting to know the people in your community and actively being a good wingman is the path to all that is great, I promise you, the next time you do something awesome, you’ll look around and be surrounded by equally awesome wingmen. That’s the beauty of a supportive culture.

How 20 minutes can help the rest of your life!

Every new person who wants to join our gym starts with a conversation.

It’s during these conversations that we learn the true reasons why people are looking to make a change.

People say, they want to “get in shape” or “lose weight”. However, the next question is usually what makes the tear ducts swell.

“Why?” Why do you want to “get in shape”? Why do you want to “lose weight?” Such a simple question.

Often such a difficult answer.

There’s a reason why people fail at their resolutions to make a change.

There’s a reason why most gym memberships go unused.

Think about all the amazing things that people have accomplished on this planet.

If the “WHY” is big enough, the “WHAT” doesn’t matter!

Don’t take my word for it though, take some of the “Why’s” that brought people to tears and put a lump in my throat;

-“I have a goal to be fit at 70.”

-“I need a place where I feel loved and can trust nothing bad will happen to me.”

-“I’m sick of failing.”

-“My doctor told me if I don’t do something soon, I’ll be on medication for the rest of my life.”

-“My kids need a better role model.”

-“My doctor told me I have diabetes and high blood pressure. I’m afraid of what is going to happen.”

Not all of these people joined our gym. I’m certain they each told themselves the same narrative that got them to their current state of health.

For their sake, I hope they get help somewhere.

When you’re ready.

When your “Why” is greater than any excuse you prefer to tell yourself; let us know.

We’ll be here to help.

It’s That Time Again

And then it’s all but over!

Another year has passed in what seems like a blink of an eye! To commemorate this passing we throw a party!

And then the next day we say ‘this year’s going to be MY year’! I’ll do it different, be better, achieve more….. Now, theres’s nothing wrong in doing so.

If anything I’ll be as excited as the next man to charge into 2018 focused on new adventures, challenges and goals!

But I’m just same in many ways. I have to battle with myself at times, like I’m sure many of you do: “I’ll start tomorrow”, “Monday is my day to get started”, “A new week, month or even year is around the corner (terrible Friends memories!), it’s a fresh start (again)”. The reality is, there really is no perfect time to start. It’s in our make up to get comfortable, to covet routine and simplicity, which makes picking 1st January as the perfect foil to our avoidance of change.

If we focus on making a change then, we don’t have to do it right now. Really, if you’re focused on making a change, and have a plan, the 29th September is no different to the 1st January.

What dates are good for are memorable achievement.

Here are a few dates from the last year that stand out to me:

April 8th – 4th Anniversary of CrossFit Hutt Valley offically being open

July 10th – Three of our coaches passed their CrossFit Level 1 training course.

Sept 10th – Sophie started her attempt at the 330kms Tor Des Geants race.

Oct 31st – Our first Legends (50+) class kicked off.

There are many more than this that I don’t have dates for.

Coaches Eve and Megan taking on the Beauty Beyond Strength competition.

Tall Paul taking names at Rising Stars

Lesley hitting her first box jump

Debra finally stopping driving past the gym and falling in love with her fitness goals … and more Bright spots than we can ever count!

You’ll have dates that stand out to you, work achievements, kids sports results, special family times.

If there aren’t, if you can’t put your finger on 5 or more moments from the last year that you are happy about or proud of, why is that?

Consider this; could it be that you just haven’t written them down (now there’s an easy fix to work on), or maybe you really don’t have any “Bright Spots” from 2017, and I truly hope that is not true. But if it is, then it’s time to ask, “How do I create more memorable moments”.

Here’s a few ideas for next year:

Give – Most of us grew up hearing “it’s better to give than recieve”. Giving helps create memorable moments for others, and that way you both benefit.

Get learning – A new hobby, skill or even a new language! As you learn you’ll find yourself developing new skills and the desire to learn more.

Get out – NZ is full of easily accessible adventures, and adventures are always memorable.

Get excited – Being staunch is great, but can often mean we forget to enjoy ourselves. GET EXCITED ABOUT EVERYTHING.

Get focused on you – Focusing on what you are really good at will help you see your greatest growth potential. I could go on but you get the picture. Let’s resolve NOT to make the same resolutions over and over again. Let’s not wait for the right time to get started or to take action. Action ALWAYS trumps idea. Let’s take action on what feels right, what makes other happy and what will be better for the people around us.

Let’s take a moment to make a moment.


What Success Looks Like

What Success Looks Like

We’ve talked a lot recently about the mindset around success, and strategies/ideas/concepts that help us understand what we’re aiming for and how we might get closer to achieving this.

We do, however, sometimes need to cut the talking and actually see what success looks like, hence the picture that accompanies this post.

Over the past 3 weeks, we’ve been working with a group new to CFHV, namely 50+ members.

We’ve focused on working out three times a week in a group setting and a balanced approach to nutrition. In many cases, this meant eating MORE food rather than less.

No-one has been starved, put on meal replacement shakes or taken instafitness/weight loss pills.

No supplements have been prescribed, just real food based on individual dietary requirements.

On Friday we had a check in to see how progress was tracking.

The results were staggering!

A combined reduction of:

25.3kg body weight20.3% body fat That’s correct, you did read that right – Over 20kg’s weight and 20% body fat dropped in 21 days.

The real success, however, has been in how these members FEEL more: – happyenergisedsuccessful!

In three weeks, these guys and girls have taken the bull by the horns and achieved their own successes whilst supporting each other to achieve theirs too!

That’s what SUCCESS looks like!

If you’d like to find out how we could help YOU see what success looks like, book a time for a FREE 30-45 minute goal setting session with us.


Cheers Paul




Debra is one of our HV ME Personal Training clients and an absolute superstar. Currently having a whale of a time in Tokyo, Debra has CrossFit in her blood, with one daughter an experienced coach, and another training at a gym over the hill in Porirua. We caught up with Debra to hear her HV ME story.

What brought you to CrossFit Hutt Valley in the first place?

My daughter gave me 2 free PT sessions for Christmas. She’s a CrossFit Coach and told me CFHV would be the best place for me as they would take great care of me.

What was your first impression? How has that changed?

Scary, and I didn’t want to go, so I delayed making the first appointment until late February. How has that changed? It took around 6 weeks before I stopped trying to make up excuses not to attend my personal training sessions.

What was your first “eureka moment”?

My first Eureka moment came when I could lift my super king mattress on my own. I’d never been able to do this without help, so it was a major sign of my success. Also, the thoughts in my head about trying not to attend my PT sessions ended, and I don’t even give it a second thought about not attending now. I can’t wait to get there and see what my PT has planned for me, it’s exciting! I also am surprised by what my family and friends have said, I even walk with a spring in my step now!

What are you working on now?

Increasing my strength and over all fitness. My long term goal in 2019 is to trek to Base Camp Everest.

What’s your favourite CFHV memory?

Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined that I could squat and complete sit-ups. The encouragement I receive every time I attend is overwhelming. Not only do I have a PT, I also gained a brother & friend. Thanks Paul

If you’d like to find out more about our HV ME Personal Training programs, and star in your own story, arrange a time to see how we can help you achieve your goals.

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