Is Sleep Affecting Your Weight?

Is Sleep Affecting Your Weight?

Did you know that sleep affects your metabolism AND ability to lose weight?

Sleep allows our bodies to recover from stressors such as work, working out, emotional stress, and so much more. Starting your day without enough recovery encourages a cycle of high-stress levels and bad behaviours, keeping you in a negative frame of mind and possibly even leading to poor food choices.

When you are well-rested, your body is more likely to run properly encouraging weight loss and supporting your metabolism. Take a moment to think of all the times you are getting less than 6+ hours of sleep-is it occurring regularly? If so, you could be hindering your progress by not getting enough sleep.

Here are some tips to help improve your sleep:

  • Try having some casein or yoghurt before bed
  • Turn the TV and all other electronic devices off 30 minutes before bed (read a book instead)
  • STOP drinking water an hour before bed
  • Keep your routine SEVEN days a week
  • Avoid eating within 2 hours of your bedtime
  • Try drinking some hot tea

Avoid these things before bed:

  • Sugar
  • Caffeine
  • Chocolate
  • Alcohol

Regardless of your schedule, these tips can be very beneficial, but for you night workers, here are some additional tips:

  • Don’t postpone sleep; you will become more awake the longer you stay up
  • Set aside 7-9-hour blocks for sleep–it may take you longer to wind down so you may need more time.
  • Make sure your thermostat is set to cool; we rest better in cool environments
  • Use blackout curtains to keep your room dark.
  • Try to keep a regular work and sleep schedule, consistency is key. Avoid rotation shifts and break up the number of nights you work in a row.
  • Share your sleep schedule with others to minimize the number of calls and messages being sent during your sleep time.

Use the tips above! Especially #7, avoiding sugar and caffeine while at work can aid in falling asleep faster and resting better.

Coach Paul

Ways to Shrink the Size of your But!

Ways to Shrink the Size of your But!

If you want to reach your goals, you must shrink the size of your but.

It’s time to review those long term goals that you set at the beginning of 2019. How is that long term goal for the end of 2019 looking? Are you feeling like this goal is attainable, or are you losing motivation? Let’s look at this a little deeper.

If you had a weight loss goal for 2019, and you are about halfway there in accomplishing this goal, what kinds of thoughts are starting to sneak in that are delaying your goal attainment?

Often with a health and fitness goal, after some progress, our minds start playing tricks on us, telling us its OK to start adding in more desserts, not logging our foods, not meal prepping, or skipping a workout. We may also find that we are using the word BUT more, and making excuses for these behaviours that we know delay our goal attainment. Let’s look at some examples…

I’ve had some great progress this year, losing 10kg, BUT I really hate logging my food
I’ve gained some consistency with eating more real food, BUT I really hate spending time in the kitchen.

After having some success with meeting our long term goals, gaining consistency with healthy habits, this is the time to really strengthen our mindset. This is an important time to challenge our thoughts in order to achieve your long term goals. Look at your dialogue and challenge yourself to come up with alternative thoughts if you notice that you are starting to use the word BUT to make excuses for behaviours that could derail you.

Remind yourself of WHY you are working hard to achieve your goals and reframe those statements to shrink the size of your BUT. Here are some alternatives to the statements above:

I know that food logging will help me stay accountable to eating the right foods and in the right portions.
My work week is busy, and I know that meal prep helps me make better choices during these busy times of the week. It’s worth the small investment once a week to have a healthier week ahead.
To improve your chances of achieving your long term goals, you must shrink the size of your BUT.

Gowri – Nutrition Coach

The One Thing You Need To Know About That Best Diet!

The One Thing You Need To Know About That Best Diet!

I’m pretty sure that if you’re over the age of 25 you’ve most likely tried at least 1 fad diet. Over the age of 30 and you’ve probably tried 2. Over the age of 35-40 and that number probably doubles or triples.

The longer you’ve been around the more fads you’ve seen come through the nutrition marketplace. In addition, as we rotate around the sun more and more times in our life (aka “get older” – rotate just sounds better) we experience the lovely changes that come with age like slowed metabolism, postpartum bodies, hormone changes, job stress – the list goes on.

This makes for a messy situation. Desperate to see change. Overwhelmed by choice. Frozen with overwhelm.

Type in the words “best diet” in Google and you’ll get 890 million hits.

Where would one even start with something like that??

At CrossFit Hutt Valley Nutrition, we believe that something as fundamental as Nutrition shouldn’t be complicated. Food is fuel at it’s purest definition and it can either help us or harm us.

We also believe that changes to your body (both outer and inner) are best done at a rate that is sustainable and realistic.

Quick fix fad diets and supplements are short term (and often drastic) solutions that provide instant (and only potential) results. 80% of people who lose weight in this manner WILL gain the weight back – often plus some.

So, how do we create permanent change?

With a Nutrition Coach, you’ve got a pretty good chance.

1.) We make S.M.A.R.T. goals together:

Time Sensitive

2.) We keep it simple and build off SMALL changes one at a time to gradually reach BIG success.

3.) We together decide on realistic and actionable steps that fit your lifestyle, preferences and desires.

4.) We track results closely. We recommend regular progress pictures each week to indicate the success we’re experiencing. Spending too much time on the scale can be a very negative feedback loop.

Let’s get the ball rolling today. Book your appt with us and we can come up with a game plan. Best part? Your first session with us is FREE!

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Yours in Health & Fitness,

-Coach Gowri
CrossFit Level 1
Healthy Steps Nutrition Certified

Why money can’t always buy you love

Why money can’t always buy you love

Last night I attended my first football match at WestPac stadium. I’ve been to many around the world, but never here. It was a great evening, topped off in the dying seconds by the Phoenix snatching victory from the jaws of a draw. A great result!

What made it a really great evening out was the company I was with. A fellow gym owner invited me out for the game, and it was his company that really made the evening buzz. We had some laughs, a few whinges (we are both poms!) and plenty of stuff in between. We shared memories unrelated to our friendship because they deepen our relationship. Trusting another with your cherished memories is a great way to cement a friendship.

You see, as organisms relationships are what we thrive on. We form them regularly, and with almost any kind of entity.

Be it interpersonal, like a friend, partner or spouse, or even a pet.

Be it inanimate, like your phone, car or barbell.

We can even form relationships with characters in a book, tv show or film.

Whilst many of you reading this, like myself, will be more than comfortable spending time alone, we almost always thrive when we’re in the company of those nearest and dearest.

Many of those reading this who are existing clients, will have heard the phrase “intimate, not transactional” in your conversations with us as a business. You can get a transitional relationship almost anywhere. At the dairy, the service station, or at the gym, where the guy behind the counter, busy cruising the gram, grunts as you swipe your card in, and replicates this as you leave.

This is all well and good, but those relationships very rarely last, and your loyalty to that business changes as quickly as the price of their bread or petrol does.

Then there are the intimate relationships we form. With our spouse, family and close friends, maybe our Doctor or other trusted professional relationships.

This is where we thrive.

We don’t have a sea of people following a choreographed routine as our mainstay product, so we don’t apply this to the relationships we build. We work, firstly, on a one to one basis. We sit potential new clients down for a chat, about You, Your goals and fears, Your hopes and wants. We prescribe a structured approach, starting with Your most important needs. This might be Nutrition, Mobility or Confidence based.

It will always start with one on one coaching, either via a personal CrossFit class or with an individually designed personal training session. This is how we build your trust in us. We don’t sell you on cheap memberships and long term contracts, we coach you with expertise and care, often we’re rebuilding your faith in the fitness industry.

Trust is a crucial part of this equation.

Those of you who’ve been within 20kms of the gym, will know I have a German Shepherd, named Zeus, and he has the habit of being a little exuberant at times. There’s a reason for this. Zeus is a rehome, and has some anxiety issues that we work on together.

When I got Zeus, it was easy for me to accept him, as I wanted to help him relax, and develop into a confident dog. For Zeus, it was much more difficult. He had to learn to trust me, to realise consistency and patience were going to be his, as well as my, most effective tools in his development.

I’ve had Zeus for nearly three years now, and it’s still a work in progress. We’ve made huge leaps in his development, but there is always more to be done.

You, as an existing client, or you as a potential new client, are no different.

We accept you immediately, as we’re focused on the Help First model, but for you, it’s harder.

You may have been burned by false promises and had unrealistic expectations hoisted on your by well-meaning, but inexperienced fitness instructors. You may have been sold the dream by a nutrition program, promising lifelong weight loss, as long as you’re starving yourself or buying their meal replacement products.

These experiences take time to recover from, and intimate relationships are the most effective way to do so.

Believe me, I know. Next time you’re in Alicetown, stop by and ask Zeus!

6 Reasons why your Teen should be training

Teens and training!

Always a contentious issue for parents everywhere. Should I let my kids get into fitness?

Doesn’t training mean lifting weights? Isn’t lifting weights bad for young bodies??

Thankfully, there is plenty of research to suggest otherwise. This study conducted in 2015 confirms what we’ve known for some time. That resistance training in teens is a good thing, rather than something to be feared.

Here are 6 top reasons why your teen should be in our programme:

Fitness At CFHV, we promote being in shape and being ready for the unknowable. HV Teens follows a very specific structure, using a qualified coach, to ensure that each member of our Teens family develops at their pace. Our workouts vary, from gymnastics to Olympic lifting and everything in between. We focus on what we know works and what keeps your entire body in shape.

Personal Development To develop friendships and relationships skills important to the future. When joining CFHV, you don’t think about this aspect, that the people here will become part of your life. Our people know and share in our vision that our community is as important as the workout we’ve all just completed. This helps to develop a more rounded individual.

Health Benefits For long term health benefits. Starting with CFHV as a teen, you are training your brain to enjoy fitness and the associated health benefits. These values will stay with you as you age. Our members understand the need for balanced nutritional intake and a healthy relationship with food. By learning the importance of this, you are also promoting good, long term health for yourself.

Competition It’s the sport for teens who don’t like sport. Not all kids find their calling playing rugby, netball or other traditional individual focused or team sports. There are competitions, in our gym, nationwide and even internationally, culminating in the CrossFit Games, where teens from around the world get to compete against each other for the title, Fittest Teen in the World!

Mental Toughness Developing a “can do” mindset. Life is full of “I can’t moments”. Being coached, surrounding yourself with people focused on the “I can” moments, means you start breaking down invisible barriers and overcoming obstacles. Even in your everyday life, you see yourself having more of an “I can” attitude.

Fun OUR PRIMARY AIM – IT’S FUN! We take great pride in providing a fun environment for our members to get their sweat on. We’ll test you, challenge you and encourage you to express yourself all the while making you laugh and enjoy the fact you’re working out. Our movements and workouts are constantly varied, something that you may not be able to experience at a regular gym.

Booking’s for our Term 2 programme is open now.

We only open up a few spots each term to new members, so make sure you get in quick.

Click here to book your spot Cheers Coach Leah

Why Nutrition Is The Magic Bullet

How many hours do you spend at the gym?

You are most likely spending 1 hour a day, or 3-5 hours a week working hard to achieve your weight loss goals.

Of course, what you do at the gym is an integral part of looking and feeling better, but it is not THE deciding factor.

You spend another 23 hours outside of the gym each day. What you do during these hours will play a much bigger role in your success than what you are doing for that one hour each day.

Consider this: If you go to the gym for one hour, and then eat an entire pizza for lunch, will the workout offset the pizza?

No! We put nutrition first because nutrition is what will get you to your goals.

90% of our clients have goals of either losing weight or improving athletic performance–both of these can only be achieved through eating correctly.

Nutrition is not just about how you look either, it is also about how you feel. How do you feel throughout the day?

If you feel sluggish and tired, it is directly related to what you ate. If you feel energetic and productive, it is related to what you ate.

If dropping your blood pressure or dodging type 2 diabetes is on your radar, nutrition will be the starting point, not the finish.

Because of how important nutrition is to your health, as well as disease prevention, we spend hours creating content for you. We share with you nutrition tips, videos, recipes, blog posts, articles and more with the goal of supporting you on your journey.

So don’t wait to change your nutrition for the better. The right nutrition will take get you to those goals faster than you ever expected!


Nutrition Coach

CrossFit Hutt Valley